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AfterpayUpdated 2 years ago

How does Afterpay work?

  1. Browse your favorite products on EM Cosmetics
  2. Choose Afterpay as your payment method at checkout
  3. Instantly create your account and complete your purchase.

Split your purchase into 4 equal installments

Pay for your purchase over 4 equal installments due every two weeks. You’ll pay your first installment (25%) at the time of your purchase, and the remainder over time.

Pay nothing extra when you pay on time

Afterpay is always zero interest, and there are never additional fees when you pay on time. The only fees are for late payments. You will be emailed by Afterpay your payment schedule and will receive notifications so there are no surprises.

Enjoy instant approval decision and shipment:

You’ll know you’ve been approved within seconds. Orders ship as they would with any other
form of payment, as quickly as you choose.

Getting Started With Afterpay:

When will my first payment be taken?

You will more than likely pay the first installment of the purchase at the time you place your order. If you have been shopping with Afterpay for some time, and have a really good repayment history. You might find that Afterpay will defer taking the first payment until two weeks after you make your first purchase.

First payment higher than the other three?

For some purchases, if your total order exceeds your Afterpay approved spending limit, the first payment may be higher than subsequent payments. Afterpay will show you how the installments are split before you pay.

Is there a cost for using Installments by Afterpay?

Installments by Afterpay is a free service – there are no upfront fees charged or any interest incurred.

Is Afterpay safe and secure?

We understand how important security is, Afterpay ensures that your personal information is protected. Afterpay is a PCI DSS Level 1 certified compliant Service Provider organization.

PCI DSS is a comprehensive set of requirements created by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to enhance cardholder data security and to ensure the safe handling and storage of sensitive credit card information and data.

This is the highest level of security in the payment industry.


What happens if I can’t make a payment with Afterpay?

Afterpay is committed to making sure you stick to your repayment plan. That’s why Afterpay considers every purchase application before they approve the final purchase. And that’s why Afterpay will continue to send you reminders when a payment is almost due.

If you are facing hardship, Afterpay has a hardship policy that allows Afterpay to work with you to get back on track.

As soon as you miss a payment, Afterpay will immediately stop you from making any further purchases with Afterpay.

A late fee is charged when an installment for an order is not paid after the applicable grace period (usually 10 days unless otherwise noted on your payment schedule.) Afterpay will only ever charge one late fee per installment and the total amount of late fees charged on an order will never exceed 25% of your initial order value.

ID Verification:

How/why does Afterpay verify your identity?

Afterpay’s mission is to make their community as secure as possible for everyone. Before shopping with Afterpay, all customers and merchants must confirm their identity.

This takes place during the registration process. In some instances, the system might ask you for some further information (such as your driver’s license number or ID card) this way Afterpay can verify identity. This verification process will assist Afterpay to prevent fraud and ensure that everyone who uses the service is 18 years or older.

Managing Orders:

How will I be refunded if I cancel or return items with Afterpay?

You will receive a refund of any payments made for the order. Actual payment amounts that have been charged on the payment method (will be refunded to your card/s)

Why is my order being declined with Afterpay? - USA

When determining which orders to approve, Afterpay considers a number of different factors. As an example, the longer you have been a shopper with Afterpay and the more orders you have successfully repaid, the more likely you will be able to spend more.

Please note: Afterpay does not approve 100% of orders. Afterpay is committed to ensuring they support responsible spending.

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