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International Shipping & CustomsUpdated 2 months ago

*Varies By CountryShipping calculated at checkout8 to 20 business days

$10.99 for orders over $100 (+ any duties & import fees)8 to 20 business days

International tracking will not update everyday - tracking will only update when the package has reached certain checkpoint scans, which can sometimes take up to a week through customs. If you're order has not delivered within the estimated 20 business days (Monday-Friday) since it first shipped, please reach out to our support team at [email protected] and we can assist you further!

Find the full list of countries & regions we ship to: HERE


Cayman Islands
China (not including Hong Kong)
Sao Tome and the Principe
Turks and Caicos Islands

Customs & Duties:

All international orders are subject to customs and duty fees as defined by the country of import. Customs and duty fees are calculated at checkout and included in your EM Cosmetics order and/or shipping total at checkout. EM Cosmetics is not responsible for any additional fees associated with import. All fees must be paid by the parcel recipient.

How much do I pay for shipping?

The cost for shipping your order depends on your location, the size of your order, and the service  level you choose for shipping (Express vs. Standard). Our commitment to you is that we are 100%  transparent with all international shipping costs, both in terms of shipping rates as well Landed Costs  (i.e., duties and taxes/fees). There will be no hidden cost for you. 

What shipping service levels do you offer? 

EM Cosmetics offers both Express and Standard shipping on most international routes, and at  checkout you can choose which one you prefer. For a few selected remote areas only Express or  Standard shipping may be available, but that is the exception. Together with our international  shipping partner we will find the lowest shipping rate for you so that you pay as little as possible in  shipping fees for your order while ensuring your order will be delivered to you by a high-quality,  reliable carrier. 

Why do I pay duties and taxes? 

Import duty is a tax collected on imports and some exports by a country's customs authorities. A  good's value will usually dictate the import duty, and the duties also can vary by product category.  Depending on the context, import duty may also be known as a customs duty, tariff, or import tariff.  The duties are mandatory and must be paid, whether the fees are paid by the shipper or (as typically  is the case) by the customer/recipient. There are other factors besides the good's value that define  the amount of duties to be paid, including trade agreements between countries as well as specific  customs authorities. For example, some countries have minimum thresholds in terms of good's value  below which no duties apply (AKA "de minimis" value) 

In addition to duties, many governments levy a tax on imports. Like duties, import taxes are usually a  percentage of the good's value. Also, some countries charge multiple taxes on the same good  imported. For example, Canadian provinces charge a variety of taxes - from a goods and service tax  (GST), to a harmonized system tax (HST), to a retail sales tax (RST), and some provinces charge  multiple of these tax-types for the same import. 

How do I pay duties/taxes? 

Typically, you pay duties and taxes at checkout when you place your order. This way you not only see  the total cost upfront before placing the order, but you also won’t have to pay again when the parcel  is delivered to you. In a few instances, we may ask you to pay duties and taxes when the order is  delivered to you at delivery because of a destination country requirement or it was not collected at  the time of checkout. Costs are calculated based on the total MSRP value of the order.

What if my order becomes stuck in customs? 

First, we want to let you know that most shipments make it through customs without any delays. That said, from time-to-time customs authorities review a shipment and may ask for additional information before the customs authorities clear the shipment for final delivery. If we need additional information  from you to get your shipment cleared by customs, we will reach out to you. Reviews by customs  

authorities can take as little as a few hours, but occasionally can last much longer.

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